Bergen County CP Bust: Eight Including One Juvenile Arrested


Seven men, including one juvenile, have been arrested for their alleged role in online child pornography (CP) distribution ring, as stated by the prosecutors on Friday, 28th of August 2020. The computer files that had been recovered show the abused children to be as young as infants, while the maximum age of the sexually exploited children was 16 years. The Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office had announced on this.

The Bergen County CP bust was a result of an operation dubbed as “Operation Reboot” that was conducted for a whole month. The operation has brought into broad daylight 32,581 files from the various online accounts and the electronic devices that belonged to the defendants, who had been taken into grip over the past two weeks one after the other.

Following is the list of the defendants arrested under the Operation Reboot who had been arrested on multiple charges that include possession of child pornography (CP) and its distribution:

  • Harry Burks of Hackensack (Age: 36 Years)
  • Lewyn Concepcion of Rochelle Park (Age: 21 Years)
  • Damian Evans of Westwood (Age: 33 Years)
  • Justin Kinchen of Elmwood Park (Age: 21 Years)
  • Yam Kuen Kwan of Cliffside Park (Age: 22 Years)
  • Louis Ocasio of Garfield (Age: 37 Years)
  • Balthazar Torres of Maywood (Age: 20 Years)
Image: New Indian Express

At the minimum, one of the defendants under Operation Reboot had been charged with the possession and distribution of over 1,000 CP files. Amongst the thousands of the images that the investigators had recovered was footage that claimed to display the rape of a child, as Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office states.

Harry Burks of Hackensack, aged 36 years, has been described by the prosecutors to have found the nude files on the dark web. The dark web is the hidden zone of the internet that is most prominently identified as the dark alleys for trading illegal goods and services. Burks had also been charged with hosting chat sessions that were explicit with an underage girl that he had met online.

Damian Evans of Westwood, aged 33 years also faces weapon charges for allegedly possessing high capacity ammunition magazine. All of them have been scheduled to appear in the Superior Court.

Source: North Jersey

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