Ganja Planters Arrested In Bengaluru, Police Caught 3 Boys


Bangalore boys are setting new records by growing ganja/weed at home using coco peats. This gang of young boys used to buy drug from the dark web, and the same landed them with some serious trouble. In most countries, marijuana or ganja is banned; though according to some recent scientific studies it has been approved that ganja does have some medicinal qualities and can be consumed under serious observation by the doctors. But with time and the administrative oppressions from the majority of countries the youth around the world has taken this to a very negative point. Every year there are millions of cases worldwide, which are reported, regarding drug abuse, though to date no reports have been found that marijuana overdose kills, potentially hampers the regular activities of cells, neurons leading to a prolonged effect on the whole nervous system, especially the central nervous system. It also causes hallucinatory effects in the brain causing its main contents like CBD and THC.

Police have discovered in Bengaluru that a gang of young boys has turned their homes into indoor space to cultivate marijuana using pots kept under LED lights. A boy from Bihar who had come to the city to study business management had bought narcotics from the Netherlands via the dark web. He also allegedly planted and grew ‘hydro’ ganja (cannabis) in his flat in Kengeri in the western outskirts of Bengaluru. There was a raid organized by the police department in his flat on Thursday and arrested 23-year-old Amartya Rishi, along with 2 of his associates, one of his friends was from the same college. The police have recovered allegedly 20 lakh rupees worth of 225 LSD slips (stamps) and 2 kg of ganja. This is the second ring of drug abusers that the police caught recently.

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The college authorities directed the police. When the police started investigating the flat they found a lot of LED lights. They have been growing small pots with coco-peat, as stated by a senior official.

The police also recovered ganja seeds and 225 LSD slips, which Rishi had acquired from the Netherlands as per the report from the dark web market called, “Empire Market”. His order has been delivered via courier services. The probe pointed out the involvement of another student, Aditya Kumar, who is 21 years old, from Bengaluru and one Mangal Mukhiya who is 30 and is an acquaintance of Rishi. Two other boys from Kolkata were also arrested in this regard who are also students, in November and narcotics worth 1 crores rupees, acquired from Canada as per reports.

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In both the cases tech-savvy students have exploits the internet and the natural systems of the city by planting and growing ganja seeds and other narcotics from the dark web markets using VPN and proxy servers. In both these cases, the groups have been in peddling operations throughout the tech city, as stated by Sandip Patil, Joint Commissioner (Crime), Bengaluru. He said further that this is a new challenge for the police force, these young boys who have been procuring these drug and narcotics do not have any idea about the identity of the suppliers. Over and above this, these circles are not large webs of drug peddlers. Busting one chain would affect only that single chain, through any of a single chain the center of the web cannot be reached. The Bengaluru police have done some rounds of inquiry with the customs officials at Kempegowda International Airport to make sure that the parcels containing narcotics and other banned materials could be barred from getting through the borders because in the long run we would be only destroying the security of the nation if we let these illicit materials in.

Source: The Hindu

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