Earn $10K in Bitcoin Cash in 48 Hours from Old Twitter Account


On 24th and 25th of April, the supporters of the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) have noticed that a Twitter handle named @Bitcoininfo is tipping a bunch of the random individuals and the non-profit organizations with a significant amount of the Bitcoin Cash. The Old Twitter Account bears 107,000 followers and has revealed that on 26th of April 2019, it has given away $10,000 in BCH using the tipping bot named ‘Tippr’. The last giveaway of BCH amounting to 0.2512 is going to the charity @EatBCH.

The Twitter handle has given away funds to the people such as the popular libertarian blogger @Libertydoll whose PayPal account was suspended, the group named Find Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Unlimited, Bitcoin ABC, Flowee the Hub, Openbazaar, Libre Office and more of the other random people on the social media Twitter. It has also been found that some of the people have simply asked the Twitter handle for money while the account gave them $50 tip in BCH. One of the people asked for $50 and the Twitter handle replied “No” instead. But the handle provided him with $51 BCH. The Twitter account has also tipped people like the developers Jeff Garzik and Gavin Andresen.

The Twitter handle @Bitcoininfo has joined the social media website back in the year 2011. After the giveaway of the giveaway of the Bitcoin Cash on 26th of April, it revealed that it has emptied its tip wallet after giving away the fractions of the BCH to numerous individuals and the non-profit organizations. It also stated that the tip wallet contained $10,000 worth of the Bitcoin Cash. The BCH community was pretty excited to see the OG Bitcoiner give away thousands of the dollars in Bitcoin Cash. The mysterious BCH tipper on the Twitter platform is still spreading the word about the benefits of the BCH.


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