Craig Wright: Bitcoin Digital Currency Promotes Crime & Money Laundering


Most recently, the Bitcoin (BCH) throne has been claimed by Craig Wright, who has continued his campaign against the Cryptocurrency privacy. The Bitcoin (BCH) SV front-man has allegedly questioned the legality of the coin mixers (the tools that jumble transactions together to safeguard anonymity). Wright has involved himself in a blog post where he maintains the rough and angry tone that made him so famous. But then he regarded the Bitcoin cash (BCH) as the B*tCHcoin that touches on a serious issue that largely looms over the ongoing Cryptocurrency experiment.

Lately, John McAfee has labelled Craig Wright as the “Satoshi Pretender” replying to which Craig stated that he has nothing to do with that McAfee has regarded him as competing systems like the Ethereum and the Litecoin. According to Craig:

In the latest post by Craig Wright, he has presented the legality of the CoinJoin that is a privacy protocol jamming multiple Bitcoin transactions into a single transaction. This further makes it really difficult to track whose money has been where, added there is an element of anonymity to the currently pseudonymous Bitcoin (BCH). has recently published an article stating that the tools such as the transaction mixers and their developers are not subjected to the U.S. regulations. While Neeraj Agrawal argues that the FinCEN or the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network Guidance suggests a clear difference between the monetary and the software laws. Further he states that the FinCEN guidance:

But as per Wright, all of those software laws stand for very little of the moment, an U.S. citizen puts their money down. He states that anyone developing or maintaining such a mixer service has to prove that the U.S. users are not using it. The way to achieve it is difficult but that is the only way to avoid the legal crackdown by the U.S. financial crimes authorities. In the bid to prosecute someone involved with such a service, the U.S. agent would merely have to submit their own transactions immediately proving criminal actions.

Wright states:

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