Ways to Earn Bitcoin Cash as a Bitcoin Bounty Hunter


The Bounty Hunters plays the crucial part in the cybersecurity as they help to bring the criminals to justice. If someone wants to be a Bounty Hunter and get paid with the cryptocurrencies then the individual does not need a speedy car or a revolver as only definite information on some highly wanted hackers would do. The Bounty Hunters are those personalities that work with or without the cybersecurity to get hold of the cyber criminals against a bounty. Bitcoin Bounty Hunter on the other hand is a service offered by the Bitcoin.com that permits the people to anonymously crowd source the payments for completing the tasks assigned. As of now, the platform offers several missions having a total payout of 750 BCH.

Unlike the other bounty programs that focuses only on the software bugs, this particular service is made open to all kinds of bounties that includes the catching of the crypto criminals. The crowd sourced bounties on the platform experiences individuals offering over 400 BCH to help catch the entity who have hacked into Satoshi Nakamoto’s email accounts, almost 100 BCH to help catch whoever is responsible for the theft of tens of thousands of BTC from Bitcoinica and Zhou Tong, over 200 BCH for the identity of an extortionist and about 30 BCH for the infamous Mt. Gox hacker.

If you are one of those who have been hurt by a hacker and wants to track him down, or of you are someone who needs a particular task to be completed needs to create a listing at the Bitcoin Bounty Hunter and name the price.

The Bitcoin Bounty Hunter services is different because it aims at a more wider range of bounties which includes cryptocurrency criminals and hackers also. This is different from other bounty platforms which mainly focuses primarily on detecting software glitches in software products.


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