Monthly Subscription: Four Cybersecurity Softwares Below Ten Dollars


The IT sector all over the world is facing major data breaches and the cyber attacks that are occurring at an alarming rate. If you are one of them who are still not using a VPN and a password manager app, then you are in grave trouble. The cybersecurity experts from all over the world suggest people to use antivirus and backup solutions (cybersecurity software) to protect their computers and the important data stored in them. But to cover the minimum requirement, one has to spend a minimum of $30 per month.

The cybersecurity companies have partnered with THN Deal Store and have exclusively launched a new subscription package known as The Vault that cuts down the price for the top cybersecurity software that everyone needs to use. With a monthly subscription of $9.99, one can now get licenses for the four award-winning cybersecurity apps:

  • Dashlane Password Manager: It is one of the most popular and secures password manager software that makes it easier for the users to sync their usernames and the passwords between their devices. The usual monthly price of the software is $4.99.
  • NordVPN: It is a high rated service that helps the users to stay secure online with an encryption of double 2048-bit and a built-in kill switch. The software does not preserve logs or your privacy and one can connect to 3521 servers worldwide in 61 different countries. The usual monthly price of the software is $12.95.
  • Degoo Online Backup: It is a cloud storage platform that uses 256-bit AES encryption with automatic syncing and secured file sharing. The usual monthly price of the software is $9.99.
  • Panda Antivirus Software: It helps avoid both malware and the online fraud. It is available on Mac, Windows and Android. It uses the artificial intelligence to detect threats. The usual monthly price of the software is $4.99.




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