New Zealand Police: Preventive Approach Adopted to Avoid Darknet Drug Trade


A major crackdown initiative has been launched by the police Agency of New Zealand to overcome the drug trafficking and abuse in the nation. The illicit Darknet Drug Trade has flourished and spread all throughout the country that calls for an immediate, rigorous and effective crackdown. The action dubbed as ‘Operation Garden’ focuses on tracking down the offenders who import drugs via the dark web. Nevertheless, not alike the most crackdown operations, this particular operation utilizes a unique approach. The current operation focuses on providing supportive help to prevent people from purchasing the drugs. Adding to this, the operation seeks to enlighten people of the dangers that accompany the abuse of the drug.

As of the third week, the operation on curbing Darknet Drug Trade has seen the police officers visit more than 80 addresses to curb the import of the illegal drugs. The operation has begun as a result of the several agencies that were working together. These agencies continued to pool the resources and the skills to fight against the criminal activities. The law enforcement officials from across the globe have joined the battle against all of these offenders. The Customs Department in New Zealand have joined its hand with such international officials as Dutch law enforcement agencies to trace down the criminals infesting the dark web.

The local police are also increasingly taking part in the operation. Lately, 77 officers joined the crackdown with the focus of enhancing the effectiveness of the law enforcement in fighting the online crime. The stakeholders are all set and determined to put an end to the dark web drugs trade. Nevertheless, they acknowledge that it will take a lot of effort and time to save the consumers of these drugs and pose a ban to such trades in the dark web.


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