Dark Web MDMA Drugs Purchase Lead Youth Australian Rugby Player To Serve Continuous Fifteen Months in Prison


A former A- grade rugby player from Darwin, Australia named Gavin Brown was sentenced to 18 months (1 year and 6 months) of imprisonment due to the accuse of buying MDMA drugs through the dark web and conducting conspiracy to redistribute the supply for the commercial gains. The accused is a 27 year old player from the group Litchfield Bears and the suspect under the eights-coach used Bitcoin to buy MDMA worth approximately $6,000 AUD. There has been no detail on which the dark web marketplace or the vendor from which the accused has purchased the drugs.

On 6th of June, 2018, Brown was arrested from his workplace at the same day the cops executed a search warrant at his home before his arrest. All things that were discovered by them included 400 blue pills of MDMA in a clip seal bag as well as the brown paper bags and $900. According to the local news outlet, the accused have confessed that he has purchased 500 MDMA tablets from the dark web, of which he has consumed around 100 pills.

The Supreme Court hearing proceedings revealed that Brown’s intention was to resell the remaining of the MDMA drugs via various pubs and local nightclubs. It was estimated that if the remainder of the MDMA pills that is the 400 pills were sold, Brown would have been possessing cash between $16,000 and $20,000 that further evaluates that each pill would have been sold around for $40 to $50. Brown is made to serve 3 months in the jail while the remaining 15 months he will have to serve as the suspended sentence. Justice Peter Barr instructed that in case Brown indulges himself in any offence within two years after he has been released, he will be charged under fresh offence and will be sent back to the prison to serve the 15 months of his imprisonment.


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