Drug Raid: Australian Law Enforcement Agency Seize $1.5 Million in Cryptocurrency


Australian Law enforcement arrested two suspected drug traffickers and seized more than 1.5 million dollars in Cryptocurrency after the Australian Border Force intercepted two packages containing a total of 55 grams of MDMA. The seizure made up by the law enforcement agency is the largest of its kind the state of Western Australia. In a recent press release after the arrest were made the “The Australian Border Force” that detectives from the Western Australian police Force’s Drug and Firearm Squad had taken into custody two defendants which was also possible because of the aid of the Meth Transport Team. In October, ABF Officials at the Perth Gateway facility caught two packages containing the banned substances of MDMA.

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One of the packages contained 27.5 grams of MDMA and the other package contained 27.5 grams of MDMA powder. The packages which contained the drugs were labeled and were sent to an address in the United Kingdom. Australian Border Force Regional head of chief said that every single seizure and parcel that the law enforcement made saved families of those affected by the Drug trouble and made society a safe place. He went on to add that the law enforcement of the department were very vigilant and alert all time and around the clock. The department is also very creative out in finding the different ways the criminal can send their shipments across the border or to move around parcel internally inside the country.

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Information of the contents of the packages and the destination along with the recipients was passed onto the WA Police Meth’s Transport Team. The Meth Transport Team launched their investigation into the suspected drug traffickers. As the investigation was carried on the Meth Transport Team executed a search warrant at a house in Charing Crescent Marangaroo. The law enforcement official after the seizure arrested and detained a 27 year old man and a 25 year old woman for the crime of illegally possession of Drugs.

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