Police Take Into Custody Romanian Gang for Charges of Stealing Data from ATMs


ATM skimming are the latest threats that customers who withdraw money from ATM have to worry about. Cops and law enforcement officers are surprised by the scale of the authentic operations and the sophisticated way that made use of the latest technology. In recent times there have been several such incidents that are related to ATM skimming and people losing money from their bank accounts. Ever wondered how this take place after you have payed a visit to an ATM for cash withdrawal. Or have you encountered a situation where after you have visited an ATM, the bank calls you up to replace your old ATM debit card. There is a reason behind, why they are doing this at Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) according to a police official. The police official also went onto confirm that that the details of bank accounts are then sold on various platform on the dark Web. For those who do not understand the Dark Web, it is the hidden part of the internet that is not accessed by a regular web browser and requires a special web browser.

The method used by the criminals, by which they can access information related to the users ATM pin, is the technique called and commonly known as keypad overlay. This is the latest technique in the arsenal for the cyber criminals. This technique works in a very easy and a convenient way that it is very difficult for individuals to spot or take up notice. Once the user enters his/ her ATM card into the machine for the transaction, everything is recorded and stored inside the phony circuit that is placed under the actual keypad. Data such as the card numbers and the PINs are stored and sold in packages in various markets at incredibly low prices.

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These kinds of incidents have grabbing the headlines around the world as this is the type of attack are very easy to carry out and execute without anyone even noticing. The police official have gone in depth to raise awareness among the customers about what keypad overlay technique is all about and provided helpline for the users, to contact, if they face these kind of problems in their day to day lives. Cops have also warned about the use of the live PIN- cameras that sends data instantaneously in real time.

These kinds of techniques are mastered by Romanians and they are constantly pushing the boundaries by developing latest methodologies. Recently a Romanian gang of five members have been arrested and they operated through the major cities across India. Of the five members two were arrested in Kolkata. The arrest were made in Jadavpur and Tollygunge and according to the statements given by them both were regularly buying and selling bank customers back home. There were two methods by which these gangs collect information about customers.

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The first is that they install skimming devices in various ATMs and then direct their third party contacts to withdraw money from ATMs. The second method, by which they steal money from their victim’s bank accounts, is that they purchase the details of the card from darkweb where these kinds of details are readily available, and then go to specific country (India) to take out money from the bank accounts. The banks have ensured the law enforcement agency that they are proactively taking all the steps that will prevent further incidents relating to these crimes and that these data are not available on the dark web.

The main offender in this case is Siliviu florin Spiridon (28 years) which have given the police department an insight about how the gang carried out their daily operations and the methods they used. In total records of more than 250 people have been unearthed and the police is still conducting a massive investigation into the matter.

Source: Times of India

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