New Report Provides an Insight into the Asian Darknet Ecosystem


The dark web is the current topic that is found fluttering like a buzzword ruling the upper band of the cybersecurity. In a general tone, the hidden web or the dark web has become the most common topic of discussion revolving around the information technology and its implications on the global financial development. Inspite of this, it seems that a large share of the population lack the complete knowledge of the daily happenings of the dark web ( Asian Darknet Ecosystem).

The cybersecurity firm IntSights Cyber Intelligence has listed out steps to examine the dark web via an analytical lens. With the help of an announcement, the IntSights has lately presented the latest threat intelligence report named “The Dark Side of Asia” that provides an insight of the behind-the-scenes view of the activity of the dark web within the context of the cyber culture of Asia.

There is obviously some need for such a need as it clearly states how and which organizations and governments have focussed on to defeat the international cyber threats. The unbelievable growth of the dark web has forced the corporate organizations and the countries to revolutionize the methodologies and tactics used in the protection of the cyber spheres. The new report by the IntSights researchers is supported by the investigative details about the dark web sites in China, Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam and South Korea. It has became quite obvious that China and Japan rules the upper band of the Asian internet while South Korea, Vietnam and Indonesia forms the lower band.

As per the report, the dark web of Japan ( Asian Darknet Ecosystem) is much popular apart from the cybercriminals as it platforms the freedom of expression. On the other hand the internet infrastructure of China is strongly regulated as most of the users exist on the surface web and not on the dark web.


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