Apollon Market Adds New Features Including Multi-Linguality for Vendors


Apollon Market has gone multilingual and has launched a major update to the marketplace.  The market place besides supporting the facilitation of many languages has also introduced a number of OPSEC related changes for buyers and for sellers as well as a number of general usability improvements. The Apollon Staff members in an announcement on Dread posted on they had added support for German and Italian languages in addition to English. By adding all these added features with support to all these full features makes the market the only active multilingual dark web marketplace.

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Apollon Market place also allows users to deposit BTC, LTC, XMR, and BCH via QR code. Bitcoin(BCH) and Litcoin(LTC) support was added in September along with the ability to import feedback from Cannazon. The October update added the ability to import feedback from SamSara Market as well. The changes that are introduced on the market place is as follows

  • Non-encrypted buyer notes are now automatically encrypted. Pre-encrypted buyer notes will not be double encrypted.
  •  Removed the ‘Order’ button from the menu for vendors and vendors can no longer purchase listings
  • Deposit and Withdrawal logs are now automatically deleted after 14 days
  • Messages without any interaction from either side are now automatically deleted after 1 month instead of 3 months
  • Login sessions now last up to 6 hours. A session will automatically time-out if a user does not come back to the market within 60 minutes

Image Source: darknetlive.com

The Apollon market place change for vendors is listed below:

  • Vendors can now leave feedback on the profiles of their customers
  • Samsara feedback can now be imported on vendor profiles by sending a request to support
  • Cannazon feedback can now be imported on vendor profiles by sending a request to support. Vendor profiles now only show imported stats from markets that they currently and/or previously operate(d) on
  • Fixed a bug where the fee amount would previously show incorrectly
  • Removed Net Total
  • The vendor added 2 more Postage options for listings. The total is now set to 7.

Source: DarknetLive

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