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Point-of-Sale Platform Anypay Global Reinforces Complete Support for Bitcoin Cash

It has been ideal news for all the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) proponents that the major Point-of-Sale-Platform, Anypay Global has taken a step forward to integrate the complete Bitcoin Cash. The company stated that people choosing to transact via Anypay will have total liberty to use a tablet, mobile or desktop at the store in a noncustodial procedure. Previously in November 2017, Anypay announced that it is going to fully integrate Bitcoin Cash, but the users came up with some glitches that rather pushed off the idea for a year.

Since 31st January, several cryptocurrencies had been added to the fully supported coins list of Anypay such as the LTC, BTC, DOGE, DASH, XRP, ZEC and ZEN. According to the entrepreneurs, Bitcoin Cash is directly related to the spendability and low fees that make it easy to send and accept. Another thing about the integration of the Bitcoin Cash was revealed that Anypay has been modified completely that offers you faster transaction.

The Point-of-Sale-Platform, Anypay Global’s application featured a fusion system within it termed as Cointext in its last review. The Cointext integration refers to usage of the short messaging service (SMS) to pay an Anypay invoice with the Bitcoin Cash (BCH). It facilitates the users to conduct transactions through their tab or mobile devices without the need of an active internet connection. The Bitcoin Cash address would let you accept the cryptocurrencies within a couple of minutes in a noncustodial manner. The PoS system uses an anchored public address that does not allow Anypay to have any sort of access to the private keys. According to Freeman’s announcement, the users can approach any business and have them accept multiple cryptocurrencies from any devices absolutely free without IDs and any other complicated setup.

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