Mosque Blown Up by the Anti-Islamic Terrorist Acquiring Bomb from the Dark Web


Anti Islamic Terrorist Bombing Case: The rising numbers of terrorist attacks have led the police of the profoundly affected regions to work together combating the risks of the attacks. This has led the terrorists and its affiliated members to adopt new methods of acquiring various types of firearms. The primary source of acquiring these firearms are the dark web vendors who along with the firearms, offer individual anonymity. Dark web markets such as Berlusconi market that provide listings of lethal weapons and those with the funds in the Cryptocurrency can access the supply.

Lately, an anti-Islamic terrorist in England planted a bomb in the mosque that was regarded as the suicide mission. The accused was a 40 year old man named Steven Bishop and he was arrested and brought before the Westminister Magistrates’ Court in London for his hearing that lasted for only five minutes. As per the prosecutor, a recovery worker contacted the law enforcement stating that Bishop has said he would be planning to blow up a mosque in a terrorist suicide attack. The prosecutor also stated that Bishop had explained her how he used to buy Semtex and a detonator from the dark web. A task force was formed in order to arrest the suspect.

On 29th of October, the police detectives visited the suspect’s residence and found out he had visited his mother. The police then visited the suspect’s mother directed venue to get hold of him. During the search, it was clearly found out through evidences that Steven have had access to the dark web and that he was planning for a terrorist attack. The investigators seized some handwritten documents lying in a drawer containing information that might be used by a terrorist. The information does not seal the deal of the terrorist although.


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