Annual Intellectual Property Report to Congress focuses on Dark Web


The dark web has been identified as the focal point for the maximum international criminal events in the lately released Annual Intellectual Property Report to US Congress. The report states the practical and comprehensive solution of the government to implement the intellectual property policy.

Preferably, the main goal of the government is to promote a level playing field to the innovators and the entrepreneurs across the existing economic divide. These are creator specific aspects whose inventions help to solve modern social and technological issues. The significance of the fair national marketplace considering the American Businesses cannot be overemphasized. In the last year, the Trump administration has put in all efforts to enforce the intellectual property rights which are meant to affect the international and local ecosystems. In the latest report issued, the dark web has been hold accountable for supporting the advancement of the Intellectual Property Crimes (IP). These crimes are manifested through the cybercrime and counterfeits.

It goes by the fact that production and the distribution of the counterfeit goods is a serious threat to the fair trade. According to this report and the US government, acquiring products and services from the merchant bears potential risks that even can bother the highest level of national security. Considering the economic point, counterfeit costs the taxpayers with the millions of dollars losses that can damage the supply chains of critical state departments. The integrity of the sensitive governmental and organizational data turns into a critical issue in the process of counterfeiting schemes.

Two of the past records are bear the eminence of counterfeiting. The first one says that a Francisco woman was sentenced to 151 months of imprisonment on 9th of February, 2018 for selling counterfeit oxycodone pills. While the 42 year old Candelaria Vazquez was arrested on a conspiracy case of counterfeit fentanyl.


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