Digital Currency: Andrew Yang Wants to Control The Cryptocurrency


As is well known, the next year will be the presidential elections in the United States, where republicans and democrats once again will contest the charge. On this occasion it is the struggle between the re-election of Donald Trump and the appearance of the young Andrew Yang. Therefore, their respective campaigns have begun. We want to highlight what has been proposed by Yang, which wants to regulate the Cryptocurrencies. Clarification: CriptoTendencia is a means impartial, which its sole purpose is the dissemination of information. At no time is supporting some political party or candidate.

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So is titled the technology proposition on the part of the candidate Andrew Yang on the 14th of November. Came to know your opinion and ideas in a post on his campaign blog and stresses that the main idea is the following: The big technology companies are the winners of the economy of the twenty-first century, have accumulated too much power, benefitting in large measure of our personal data-and responsibility-unexplained: we have reached a point at which the government should intervene. And we are starting to take notice, with approximately 50% of United States adults favoring more regulation of technology companies.

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These companies themselves are calling for a regulation (up to you to propose details)”. In which you can appreciate the view of Yang with respect to the technology companies today. In addition, it considers that in the United States the regulations are obsolete, for which they require a change, according to the demand of the people, businesses and the economy. The laws of the country need to be put in good shape and it is really disappointing and quite embarrassing to see the level of ignorance these congress display. This was in stark display when Mark Zuckerberg was questioned by the senate a few months this year.

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