Darknet Drug Sale: American Fugitive & His Thai Wife Arrested


Bart Allen Helmus, an American fugitive in Thailand who was arrested for selling drugs from the dark web in Thailand, has been captured after breaking out of prison. The Kentucky native ,together with his wife, who was being held in the same facility, broke out on Monday after a fight with prison officials, leaving two stabbed and one shot.

The 39-year-old American fugitive and his 31-year-old Thai wife, Sirinapha Wisetrit, however, didn’t make it very far as they were arrested near the Cambodian border. Just before their capture, Helmus held his wife’s head together to his and shot them both. Police then rushed them to the hospital, where his wife is now in stable condition.

American fugitive

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The American fugitive, however, is in a coma and had to undergo several resuscitations, after his heart stopped beating a couple of times. The couple, who bought drugs from numerous dark web marketplaces and then sold them in Thailand, was facing a death penalty before their escape. Reports from the Thai police states that a 20-year-old Thai native has also been arrested for allegedly supplying the Kentucky man with his wife, guns and knives, to fight their way out of prison.

The culprits started a gunfight when they were being transferred from a holding area to a Pattaya Courtroom for a trial. The shackled prisoners managed to fight their way through security guards, stabbing one who tried to get in their way. CCTV footage released after the escape, also showed the couple holding a security guard at gunpoint, taking all of his keys, and unlocked a secured area where they escaped through.

A pickup truck was also waiting for the American fugitive and his wife near the courtroom. Captain Thanameth Potiphan, of the Thai police, was also allegedly stabbed and fired at during the breakout. The commander of Sa Kaeo Provincial Police, Jitti Sonthi, after the arrest, stated that all the culprits would be interrogated after they are in stable condition. He added that any additional accomplices who had a hand in the prison break would haunt down and prosecuted as the rest of the fugitives.

American fugitive

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Commander Sonthi also revealed that the American fugitive and his wife were arrested in a sugar cane plantation just 32 kilometers from the Cambodian border. Sirinapha Wisetrit was, however, able to walk, unlike Helmus, who was unconscious.

Noi Nilthes, another fugitive who was on board together with his girlfriend, was also arrested. The duo allegedly surrendered after the police outnumbered them and were believed to have helped the American fugitive in breaking out of prison. The fugitives were believed to have been hiding in the forest for two days without any supplies.

The culprits are now facing additional charges, including illegal possession of firearms and ammunition, escaping while being in custody, attempted murder of a policeman, shooting in public without reason, threatening others with guns, and carrying a firearm in public without reason.

The American fugitive and his Thai wife were busted in July as a result of an undercover operation that targeted dark web drug dealers selling drugs in Thailand.  During the sting operation, an undercover agent posed as a buyer and bought 10 grams of crystal methamphetamine from the couple. A subsequent search was executed on their house, which uncovered $6,800 in cash, an unlicensed gun with 200 bullets, a kilogram of methamphetamine, and other drug analogs.

Source: Star Tribune

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