Man Sues Ring Camera, Amazon After Incident of Hackers Breaking Into Ring Camera and Taunting Residents


Following the recent reports of hackers breaking into Ring camera, an Alabama man has taken matters into his hand to sue the Ring Camera, Amazon with a $5 million lawsuit. This comes after the company released a statement to literally distant itself from any sort of breach giving hackers access to the Ring Accounts to control the camera.

Many have expressed their concerns about the recent happenings with other Ring users feeling unsafe as hackers may be watching them from afar through the device they bought to improve their security.

According to the lawsuit filed by John Baker Orange, he resorted to the Amazon-owned Ring camera in July 2019 when he thought additional security is needed in his residence. According to the report, the camera was installed at his garage. Contrary to what he expected, hackers broke into the camera and spied and taunted his residents.

The report did not state some of the possible ways the hackers got access to his account to monitor his family, but it is established that hackers have devised a way to break into Ring Accounts as discovered on a forum by the motherboard.
It was reported that the hackers after breaking into the Ring camera monitored his three children aged 7, 9 and 10 years. In one of the instances, the hackers spied on the children when they were playing basketball on the driveway.

The Alabama man further alleged that after breaking into Ring camera, the hackers communicated to his children and even asked them to get closer to the camera speaking through the inbuilt speaker. This is much similar to the earlier report stating hackers spoke to three girls through the camera.

Breaking into Ring Camera

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Mr. Orange was reported to have changed his password and enabled two-factor authentication. The lawsuit explains that Mr. Orange had no idea that he could enable a two-factor authentication prior to the incident. Hackers breaking into Ring camera is an indication that the camera system is fatally flawed according to the report.

Ring camera promises its users with topmost security and protection. However, Mr. Orange believes that they do not deliver what they promise. Ring camera is wifi enabled, which means it does not work unless connected to the internet. He believes that the Ring camera does not live up to its obligation by not protecting the wifi-enabled camera against cyber-attack.

Mr. Orange further stated that the camera only compels users to set up basic security by entering a password, but does not compel a two-factor authentication.
The report filed contains multiple incidents of hackers breaking into Ring camera including the Mississippi incident, Waterbury, Connecticut incident, Staten Island, New York incident, Cape Coral, Florida incident, Texas incident, north Texas incident, and Georgia incident.

Breaking into Ring Camera

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It was stated that despite the multiple incidents of hackers breaking into Ring camera, the company released a statement establishing that their system has not been breached, meaning third parties had access to the Ring Accounts largely because users used weaker passwords and refused to enable the two-factor authentication, hence distancing itself from the breach.

According to Mr. Orange, the company turned a blind eye despite understanding that it deals in a home security product, and can make the device more secure by making it a requirement to enable the two-factor authentication. It further stated that the company should have known that asking users to enter an email instead of a unique account name, in addition to the two-factor authentication issue is a very big risk in this period where data breach is recorded on daily basis.

As part of the charge, Mr. Orange added that Ring is much aware that hackers have been discussing how to break into Ring Accounts but did nothing about it. Citing the report released by motherboard, there are online forums dedicated to the discussion of how to create a software to break into Ring Accounts, with some of the software already in the market and in high demand. They are aware of all these, yet they decided to blame the users for using poor passwords, hence giving hackers the chance in breaking into Ring camera.

Mr. Orange added that the company fails to alert users when a strange IP address or a new user logs into the account. Due to this, threat actors can sit at the comfort of their homes, break into Ring Accounts and use the camera to spy and disturb the very residents the camera is supposed to protect. In most cases, the hackers steal these Ring passwords, sell them to other criminals on the dark web and use them in breaking into Ring camera to monitor users.

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