AlphaBay Darknet Market is Offline at Present


The only news that has been airing all the time and was in the words of the people is that the most popular darknet market, AlphaBay has closed down that could be an exit scam. The AlphaBay Darknet Marketplace website displays a message “server is not responding” and people cannot access the AlphaBay. The website went down on 4th of July 2017 in the midnight. This has led to the speculations that the admins of the AlphaBay have simply vanished after retrieving the digital currency stored in the escrow account of the vendors. All the currency that was supposed to have been retrieved by the admins of the AlphaBay was in Bitcoins.

AlphaBay was an illegal online darknet marketplace that enabled the purchase and sell of the illegal items like guns, weapons, drugs and various other items. Some of the other items include stolen credit cards, counterfeits and much more. As the trust level of such darknet marketplace is almost zero, thus the vendors and the buyers’ needs to stock up some digital currencies in their escrow accounts. Transfers take place in Bitcoins and under total secrecy.

One of the staffs from the AlphaBay website has posted in the AlphaBay subreddit that the shutdown of the darknet marketplace is temporary and is caused due to the ongoing maintenance. But as a matter of fact, this is not the very first time of such happening with the same and the other darknet marketplaces. But most of the time the marketplaces have come online after a short period. There was only one thing that had created a panic amongst the users of the AlphaBay darknet marketplace which is that they are shifting themselves to another exit scam and AlphaBay if it is conducting one will hit hard. Exit scams are pretty usual in the world of darknet.


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