Dark Web Drug Dealing: Albuquerque Duo Men Got Arrested


Officers of the Federal Bureau of Investigations have arrested two Albuquerque men who were involved in a dark web drug ring, selling and distributing the illegal drugs throughout the city. The culprits, 26-year-old Gilberto Melgarejo, and 22-year-old Brooke Gray were responsible for distributing illicit drugs throughout the Albuquerque area and Rio Rancho.


The two drug dealers used fake names in distributing their drugs, through the U.S mail system, and also hid behind a moniker on the dark web to conduct their business. The Albuquerque dark web drug dealers were busted last year, after the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), chanced on a dark web vendor with the name “The Queens Hive,” during a secret undercover operation.


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Melgarejo and Gray were the culprits behind that dark web vendor page and were using it to sell a wide range of illicit drugs to customers in the States. The Albuquerque pair called their illegal products, “the queen’s honey,” which included oxycodone, LSD, methamphetamine, and MDA. The duo sold their drugs on numerous dark web marketplaces and even offered money laundering services to customers.


According to investigators, the two drug dealers had a stash house on Unser Boulevard, where they carried out their operations, including packaging and distribution. The Albuquerque men were subsequently placed under police surveillance, which monitored their activities being carried out in the Unser Boulevard apartment complex.


The culprits, on two occasions, were caught dropping off boxes and other packages at the United States Postal Service counters. The first time was at  Unser whiles the second time was on a Speedway on Paradise Boulevard. 


Officers of the FBI then went undercover and posed as buyers, and purchased products on several occasions from them. The duo, during the transactions, told the secret agents that they only accepted payment in Bitcoin.


A criminal complaint later revealed that the Albuquerque drug dealers, were exchanging the proceeds they got in bitcoin for cash through a PayPal account, they had set up, using fake names. Neighbors of the drug dealers, who lived at the same apartment complex stated that they were entirely in the dark about the illegal doings of the pair.


C.J Daniels, one of the neighbors, told federal officers that there were a lot of activities going on in the apartment. Still, the pair didn’t give them any room to suspect any kind of illegal activity. Another neighbor, Mathew Martinez, stated that he was happy the drug dealers were caught and would be heading to jail. He added that there are a lot of kids living at the complex, and just the presence of those two and their illicit drugs, was a threat to the safety of all those kids.


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Earlier this year, the FBI busted a dark web drug enterprise, which operated out of an apartment in Albuquerque. Two men Guillermo Cruz-Rodriguez and Karla Pena, were arrested at that time and later faced drug-related charges. 


During a raid on their residence by the feds, officers uncovered thousands of fake prescription pills laced with fentanyl, other synthetic opioids, and more than half a million dollars’ worth of methamphetamine. A third suspect, Marysol Pena, was later arrested by the law enforcement officer, on local charges in Utah.


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