Man Pleads Guilty To Darknet Child Pornography & Bondage Images


An Alabama man, pleaded guilty on November 14, to possession of child pornography and indecent images of minors. According to U.S. Attorney Jay E. Town and Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) Assistant Special Agent in Charge James G. Hernandez, the culprit from Huntsville, Alabama, had in his possession a haul of child pornography and indecent images of minors, including bestiality and bondage.

Ryan Thomas Carver, the culprit, according to the plea agreement, obtained his child pornography and indecent images, on many dark web marketplaces, and paid in Bitcoin only. Federal investigators, chanced on the Alabama man, during a dark web operation which resulted in the shutdown of one of the largest child pornography site, ‘Welcome to Video.’


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A search warrant executed on Carver’s residence in Huntsville, on March 5 last year, uncovered a computer which had a tone of child pornography meeting the federal definition on it. After analysis of the child pornography on Carver’s computer, officers, uncovered 3,102 indecent images, 162 videos, and over 45 identified victims. The Alabama man is scheduled for sentencing in March 2020 and faces up to 20 years in prison, coupled with a fine of $250,000.

After the hearing, U.S. Attorney Jay E. Town stated in a news release that pedophiles who have resorted to the dark web to victimize children through videos, photos, and other electronic means should bear in mind that, federal law enforcement will always be on the lookout for them. He added that it isn’t a question of if but when, because they will definitely hunt down all criminals, and when that happens, they will prosecute you ad send you to prison. 

James Hernandez, Assistant Special Agent of Homeland Security Investigations in Charge for Alabama, also chipped in saying that Homeland Security, together with its law enforcement partners are ready to protect vulnerable children from these dark web monsters.  “Homeland Security Investigation will use all of the power, tools, and technology available to ensure that criminals find no refuge on the dark web,” he stated.


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“Welcome to Video,” was shut down by the Justice Department, with help from U.K. authorities after they found the dark web site, in an investigation to one pedophile. The shutdown followed with over 300 arrests across 24 countries, including the States, the U.K., South Korea, Canada, Czech Republic, Ireland, Germany, Spain, the United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia.

According to federal investigators, the now-defunct child porn marketplace had over 250,000 videos of children getting sexually abused and had over a million downloads. The dark web child porn site boasted over 1.3 million customers all over the world, who paid money in Bitcoin to view and download many categories of child porn.

The criminals behind the dark web child porn site, made over $730,000 in profits. Customers, of the website, were tracked down by federal agents, using the cryptocurrency transaction history and arrested them. According to reports, two of those customers committed suicide after federal agents went after them.

A joint law enforcement task force, including agents from the United States, U.K., and other countries, however, managed to save 23 of the victims, with some of them as young as two years. The creator of the dark web child porn site, 23-year-old Jong-Woo Son, a South Korean, was also charged with conspiracy to advertise, produce and distribute child abuse imagery and pornography in August 2018.

Jong-Woo Son created and ran the child porn site, from South Korea and only allowed payment in cryptocurrencies before users could view or download videos or images from the website. South Korean authorities arrested him in 2018 and had all his servers seized. Son is currently serving a prison sentence in his country.

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