Airbus Employees’ Data Exposed Due To Data Breach


Airbus, the European aircraft manufacturing company confessed of a data breach of its Commercial Aircraft Business information systems providing unexpected and unwanted authorization to the intruders to access some of the personal information of its employees’. The company is not ready to disclose the cause and the nature of the hack though it was confirmed that the data breach did not affect the commercial operations posing zero impact on the aircraft production.

Airbus (Aircraft Business) has given some insights on the type of data breach occurred to the company. According to Airbus, the attackers had possessed unauthorized access to the professional contact and IT identification details of a couple of Airbus employees’ in Europe. Airbus stated in a press release that the investigations are still carried out to understand the exact cause of the data breach and if the attackers were targeting to grab any specific type of data. But it is confirmed that some of the personal data were definitely accessed.

The European aircraft company, Airbus has assured of having taken on point and immediate actions and security measures have been implemented at the earliest. They are looking into the matter seriously and trying to take the serious steps to keep hackers at bay promoting a better and strong security against the data breach. The company has instructed its employees to be aware of the information that might get leaked.

Airbus followed Boeing, the largest commercial airplane manufacturer in the data breach which got attacked by a ransomeware named WannaCry in March last year. The attack affected a small number of systems having zero impact on the aircraft production. Cyber attacks are pretty common now-a-days but the companies must upgrade their security systems frequently to do away with the data breach.


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