30-Year-Old Argovian Drug Dealer Receives an Extra Jail Term for Darknet Drug Dealings


A 30-year-old man from Argovia canton who was arrested way back in July 2016 appealed his trial from last year and has received a new sentence which adds a year to his jail term. According to the authorities, the notorious Argovian drug dealer traded his drugs in large amounts or quantities and sold the illicit drugs in the hidden part of the internet where only special software can access thus the Darknet with an online nickname “Swissguru.”

According to the prosecutor, reports revealed that the Argovian drug dealer with the aid of his self-acclaimed alias has been transacting illicit drugs for a long time. Explicitly, the drug dealer bought and sold illegal drugs such as cocaine, LSD, ecstasy pills, amphetamine, and other very harmful drugs only on the Darknet because he thought it would help him leave no trace for law enforcement.

As reported by the prosecutor in court, his alias Swissguru, was what housed to advertise the drugs to be able to attract more customers and other dealers to trade with on the Darknet. The advertisement was done on drugs that he sold in some created online stores and done with photos, videos and got his customers animated as part of the sale of the illicit drugs.

The Argovian drug dealer had no work, so he uses the drug selling to finance himself, the prosecutor wrote. It is also said that he made an overall profit of more than 21,545 Swiss Francs before he was arrested. As per what it was known to the prosecutor, it was estimated that the drug dealer in total sold about 10 kilograms of amphetamine and not less than 87 grams of cocaine. During a search in the suspect’s residence, the police seized and destroyed nearly 154 ecstasy tablets and more than a kilogram of marijuana.

Image Source: South China Morning Post

The case of the Argovian drug dealer had been initially trialled in the Bremgarten District Court on October 2018, where the District Court Judge sentenced him to five years in prison. However, the suspect took to the Supreme Court to appeal his case, but instead, he intensified it. The Chief Justice at the Supreme Court said his case is an almost a high criminal activity and may have pulled in other crimes.

The prosecutor in contrary to the appeal told the Supreme Court that, the suspect vigorously traded drugs to customers from all part of the world. Also, he might have had no work, but he did this solely out of selfish reasons but not because he is financially strapped.

Though the prosecutor even wanted a more severe sentence, thus a seven-year jail sentence was provided. The lawyer of the defendant felt the initial jail sentence given to his client was too much and pleaded an amiably gentle sentence of three years which he had already served one year, but the Supreme Court closed the court with a new one year added sentence for accused. So, therefore, the judgment now stands at six years of jail term for the Argovian drug dealer.

Source: DOJ

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