Russia & UK To Enjoy: Advanced Crypto Friendly Banking & Payment Services


Two of the most renowned companies belonging to different parts of Europe have currently announced their new product launches that are believed to cater to the financial requirements of businesses in the crypto industry (crypto friendly banking services). The services range from opening the bank accounts to providing payment processing solutions. Developers opened up and stated that they will give the crypto companies peace of mind they will need to focus on their core activities without having concerns about banking. This a huge step in

A London based consulting firm named Coinacquiring, has now announced its reach to offer helping hand in opening of the crypto friendly banking accounts for several companies in the sector. The assistance in the corporate banking is meant to expand its portfolio that includes another thing after the service, fiat currency to crypto payment processing will be provided to the merchants accepting the digital currencies. The bank accounts will be made available in multi-fiat currencies that includes Euro, British pound, U.S. Dollar, Swiss Franc and Japanese Yen and more like Czech koruna, Romanian leu, South African Rand etc. They would also support the SEPA instant credit transfers and the wire transfers via Swift.

Concurrently, in the Eastern Europe, a new crypto-to-fiat payment processing system has been developed in spite of the strong existing competition in this niche. One of the reputed companies in this field, named Paytomat already has a network of merchants accepting the cryptocurrencies using its services for instant conversion to local fiat money. Their clients are from a variety of countries across the globe ranging from Ukraine to Venezuela. Synell, an IT company having headquartered in Belarus and offices in the U.S and Russia offers crypto payments and converting the digital coins to the fiat currency for businesses that wishes to offer their customers with the option to pay with Cryptocurrency.


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