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Admin of Topix2 Darknet Market Found Guilty to Charges

Lately, a Scottish individual named David Trail has been found guilty at the Sheriff Court in Edinburgh accused of having supplied Diazepam as well as having hacked credit card details as the admin of the darknet market Topix2. The accused was convicted 18 months that is one and a half year soon after his residence was raided in the year 2014. Topix2 has been one of the darknet markets that functions much like the eBay for the cyber criminals. Topix2 has advertised different types of Diazepam that is a controlled but at the same time legal prescription drug. Along with this the website also advertised nice tasting Valium that is manufactured in the UK having added perks of the free day next day to the clients that ordered the drug. He was charging 60 GBP for 100 pills although the transactions were carried out using the Bitcoins.

The accused David Trail who is an IT specialist was arrested when his residence was raided as a part of the worldwide darknet markets bust (Operation Onymous) that came up after Silk Road was seized in the year 2013. This operation was conducted as a joint effort of the police from Germany, England, Scotland along with FBI from the U.S. Almost 400 darknet markets were raided as a part of the operation where Topix2 was one of them. After the Raid, the Scotland Cybercrime Unit specialists stated that Trail possessed one of the most advanced computer systems in Scotland like that of Sheldon Cooper in the Big Bang theory. Even the keyboard possessed no markings as it was custom built. Trail was identified as the operator and owner of the Topix2 darknet market which is a hidden website that could be accessed using TOR browser. The browser is used to crawl the onion sites link where most of the DNMs are found.

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