Insight into the Investigation of the Darkweb Vendor “Adderallz”


A popular Darkweb Vendor known by the name “Adderallz” has abruptly ended operations in May 2019 after the federal law enforcement agents had identified and arrested two of the individuals suspected of drug trafficking in connection with a Darkweb Vendor account. In this article, we are going to explore the connection between the prolific Darkweb Vendor Adderallz and the two suspected methamphetamine traffickers.

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Adderallz, the prolific Darkweb Vendor, was the same user of the unnamed vendor account in the “ bust.” Although no official sources have been able to confirm this information, sources close to the case and loads of circumstantial evidence have positively linked Lin and Hu to the Adderallz’s account.

A few of the examples for those out of the loop are:

  • The Law enforcement has reported that they had received the counterfeit Adderall oval pills with “b974” on one side. The description matches with the Adderall produced by the pharmaceutical company Teva. Teva Pharmaceuticals produces 30mg Adderall with the “b974” indication. On Dream Market, Adderallz had written that the product they sold was “a replica of the football-shaped “b974” 30mg from Teva Pharmaceuticals.”
  • Adderallz has claimed in their Dream market profile that all the packs have been shipped from the West Coast of the United States. Both Lin and Hu have shipped the packages from the West Coast. Buyers have confirmed to other users on the darknet forum, Dread that the packages came from the Post Office mentioned in the article.
  • The buyers have confirmed to other users on Dread that Adderallz has used Endicia/ to purchase postages. Law enforcement has alleged that Hu had an Endicia account under his name and address and that he had been using the account to pay for postage as a part of the drug trafficking conspiracy.
  • After law enforcement had seized the 87 packages that Lin had dropped off at the Post Office, the customers of Adderallz reported having the tracking information stuck at “Shipping label has been created.” Many customers have even reported that their packs have never arrived.
  • Lin and Hu have allegedly shipped counterfeit Teva Adderall pills that contained methamphetamine. It is common knowledge that Adderallz pressed their pills with methamphetamine instead of the amphetamine. This has been ultimately confirmed privately as well.

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  • The FDA-OCI has claimed, in the criminal complaint, that the Adderall vendor under investigation by law enforcement had “more than 28,000 individual sales on the Dream Market alone.” Adderallz, on the Dream Market, has roughly 30,000 sales. Very few of the Adderall vendors (especially counterfeit Teva vendors) have had such a high rating on the Dream Market.

It is worth the notice that a scammer is operating on markets as TheAdderallz with an almost identical profile. The scammer is allegedly cancelling the orders and requesting that the users contact him via Wickr. Adderallz never had a Wickr account in real and never requested users to contact him off a marketplace unless the marketplace went offline. Lin does have a Signal account associated with his personal phone number but it is highly doubtful if he offered his personal phone number to potential customers on darkweb markets.

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