A Brief Interview With An Active Dark Web Paedophile


The term “paedophilia”, alternatively spelt as “pedophilia” has been one of the raging topics, especially on the dark web. The darknet has offered a suitable environment for these people to accumulate and thrive. However, on the clearnet as well, we could see a host of dark web paedophile roaming about openly spreading child sexual assault media and comment threads. This gives us an insight that irrespective of what part of the internet it is, pedophiles are all over.

In this article, we will disclose a cut-throat interview of an active dark web paedophile, his thoughts, feelings and the messages he wants to provide on behalf of all the pedophile communities.

Note: We do not support paedophilia or promote any paedophilic acts, including child sexual harassment, sexual abuse or even mental tortures. This interview has solely been put out to offer an insight into the mentality of the paedophiles and their pedophilic acts. Also, we have altered some terms used by the pedophile to their similar ones / rephrased them to avoid vulgarity and nuisance.

Let’s begin the interview!

Dark Web Paedophile Interview

Here is what the interviewee pedophile has to say – 

Interviewer: Before we start, I want to assure you that this conversation is secure and anonymous. We want to know about pedophiles and those wishing to have pedophile families.

Pedophile: Well, I have always been a pedophile in the first place. My first ever interaction was with my six year-old-cousin and then later with one of my sisters. Both incidents occurred when I was in my teens. When I got older, I realized that I was not really attracted to just women. I was very much attracted to their young daughters as well. So, for me, I dated women to get close to their daughters. When it comes to the internet, I have yet to find anything other than a crap load of child porn.

Interviewer: Did you ever have any sexual contact with the women’s daughters?

Pedophile: Yes, my last girlfriend’s daughter. She was eight when we had our first interaction. It continued till she became ten.

Interviewer: Was that your only encounter with a child?

Pedophile: No, I have also molested my own daughter when she was three to five years. Then, my wife and I got divorced, and it stopped. My intent was to impregnate her when she got older. 

(After a bit of pause…)

Oh! I also had sexual contact with a friend’s little sister. Back then, she was seven years I think. But she had already been molested and was very much into it.

Interviewer: With the times you have mentioned, could you give me a rough idea of your age when all of these happened? When you said your goal was to impregnate her when she was older, your own daughter, is that something that is considered to be a status thing in the pedo world – having a kid with your own child?

Pedophile: No, it is not a status thing. As far as I know, I just wanted to do it for myself.

As for a timeline, I was about 14 years when I had molested my cousin. I was 16 when I had interacted with my sister. It was around the same time when I was with my friend’s little sister. Then I was in my 20’s with my daughter. Her mother was only 15 when I got her pregnant for the first time. Then I was in my late 30’s when I was with my ex-girlfriend’s daughter. But all through this time, I have had sex with 12 to 14-ish year old girls. 

I am single at the moment. These days I am tired of the whole hiding thing. My goal is to find a pedo woman that I can be open with. 

Interviewer: Would you say there are many women who are pedophiles that you have encountered?

Pedophile: So far, I haven’t found any female pedos in the US that I am sure are real. 

Interviewer: When you say – “But all through this time like I’ve had sex with the 12 14-ish year old girls”, do you mean other than the girls you listed you have had sex with random other children that age?

Pedophile: Yes! That is what I am saying.

Interviewer: How did you go about arranging sex with them, and how often do you feel you have to act on your urges, or would you do it every day if you could?

Pedophile: Oh yes, I would do it today without a doubt. 

I did not have to arrange anything really to have sex with most of those girls. They all had crushes on me, and I just never said “No”. For instance, once, I stayed over at someone’s house, and their 13-year-old daughter grabbed my genital when no one was looking. That night I waited till everyone was asleep. I went to her room and climbed into her bed with her. And before you ask, no, I have never used any protection. 

Interviewer: Were they already active with the other pedophiles?

Pedophile: Either that or they are just sexually attracted to me. The mother of the two kids I have and that I married literally want to get pregnant.

Interviewer: What do you mean?

Pedophile: Well, she was 13, almost 14, when we started having sex. We had sex for a few months, I guess and always pulled out. Then one day, she wrapped her legs around me as I was about to pull out and held me inside her.

Interviewer: So all the girls you had made out with have all been willing? Have you ever been caught? Have you ever travelled for sex with kids to overseas? Are you a part of any online communities or groups for pedophiles?

Pedophile: No, I have never travelled, and I am not a member of any group. I have never raped a child as in forcing one to have sex. 

Interviewer: Have you seen any of the girls years after they have grown up? If so, how do they feel about it?

Pedophile: A few now and then, but it’s been years.

Interviewer: Do you ever feel you have destroyed a child’s life? Do you feel your kid when she was 3-5 would feel the same way as you do about not forcing yourself on a child?

Pedophile: No, I don’t feel I have destroyed a child’s life in any way. And as for my daughter, she does remember. And although she is not willing to impregnate her, she does, to this day, enjoy the sexual acts. 

Interviewer: How old is she now?

Pedophile: 22.

Interviewer: So, she is still happy to have sexual contact with her father but not willing to have your baby? Is she single? Has she ever been attracted to kids?

Pedophile: She is currently single, and no, she does not have an attraction to kids. She just likes to be with me.

Interviewer: What do you feel the chances of you finding a woman to start a pedo family with are? Do you think you would ever find what you are looking for, even through the dark web paedophile community?

Pedophile: You know, I really don’t now. So far, it is not looking good on that front. 

With this in-depth interview, it is clear that the paedophiles on the dark web (dark web paedophile) or even those in the physical world are many to find. However, being gender-specific, the count of female paedophiles are relatively less. Another fact that is quite prominent in this interview is that the pedophiles literally have ‘no repercussion’ on their acts which drive them more into these heinous acts. 

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