Acropolis Market


The Acropolis Market, one of the top deep web markets is bit different from the regular darknet marketplaces on the products point of view. In almost all of the deep web markets, the targeted products are drugs and other related services. The target products of the Acropolis Market are books and digital services. The books that are listed for sale on this particular darknet market are primarily based on hacking, fraud and security. Along with these books, there are certain books available on this Acropolis market that directs the user on how to earn easy money without much effort. One of the most familiar book titles might be “How to easily make 1000 A Day” or something similar to it.

The website of the deep web marketplace has a very unique and easy to use layout. The account creation in the darknet marketplace is pretty easy, straight forward and less time consuming process. The only thing that makes this Acropolis Marketplace different for the other similar marketplaces is the referral code that serves as the only way to register to the marketplace. As soon as you create an account on the deep web marketplace, you will be required to insert and verify your PGP key.

The website also features smooth and easy navigation. You will be able to spot the categories on the left side of the page that are easily accessible. In the other categories section dug listings contain mainly cannabis (60) and stimulants (20) along with few other drug variants.

The marketplace offers a supportive and friendly community forum comprising of over 700 members. But you will not be able to post anything on the forum unless and until you create a different account on the forum. Simplifying it, you have to register yourself on both marketplace and the forum of the marketplace separately in order to access both of them.


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