A Sudden Hacking of the Odyssey Market


Odyssey Market: People who are participating in the darknet must be aware of the fact that you should not be a victim of hacking. This is due to the fact that getting hacked is not very uncommon in the darknet sphere where your information gets leaked or exposed. We always recommend the users to use the Safety First process to keep such things at bay. This is to be also taken into account that though you do almost all things possible to keep yourself safe, yet, there remain some chances to exposure of your information. We also recommend the users to go through the reviews and the forums related to the darknet market they want to be a part of.

With this we come to the latest news of the hack that hit the large hidden web- the Odyssey Market that is officially down. According to the users, the market place was highly questionable from the very beginning of its step to the darknet and both the users and the management were amateur. One of the Reddit user have recently found out that the performance of the Odyssey market has deteriorated a lot and thus it has experienced a hack hit lately. Finding out such information about the marketplace on the darknet has made the users concerned about the website. The navigation and the linking structure of the marketplaces were completely open to all types of XSS injections. The marketplace was not at all sanitized.

The server of the Odyssey market was completely rooted below half an hour while a third party gained complete root access in just within 15 minutes. During the time of the hacking, the Odyssey market permitted complete access to the total database and the data therein along with the backups and all of them can be downloaded with ease. Therefore, one needs to be completely aware of the darknet links they are gushing in


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