8 Steps to Safeguard from IT Hacks


Economic frauds in India are increasing and to know how to avoid IT frauds online, we have answers for some common questions like how to deal with online frauds or how to deal with online IT frauds. Here is the list of steps users must take particular note of to avoid IT frauds.

  1. Verify Unknown Images

Users must verify the source of the image that comes up in their laptop or desktop screen whenever they are carrying any online transaction particularly relating to bank.

  1. Stay Away From Unknown Attachments

User should particularly very cautious about attachments that they have no idea about or are not confirmed about the source of the attachment.

  1. Double Check These Signs

Spelling mistakes, bad grammars or jumbled letters in the URL are some simple signs to spot a scam.

  1. Never Share Personal Bank Details

Never share details relating to your bank account over the phone to anyone regardless of the situation. Never share account details, OTP or disclose card details to anyone electronically or via another written communication.

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  1. Beware Of Spyware

Spyware is the software that can detect and steal your personal information, using good antivirus will help online users stay away from the IT frauds.

  1. Avoid Sharing Basic Details

The user should not disclose the date of birth, full name and location to an unknown person.

  1. Use Of Passwords Or Pins

User should always use passwords, PINs or patterns to protect your phone or any other device you use. Make sure to lock it when you are not using it. User can use the Two Factor Authentication process, commonly referred to as 2FA, to secure your device from hackers.

  1. Stay Away From Random Apps

User should forbid and stay away from random apps having an unknown or dubious source. Checking the app creator details, reading user rating and reviews can be the ways to bypass IT frauds. It is especially true for android as everything can be found on the ecosystem.

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Source: India Today

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