5 Popular Crypto ATMs on Sale!


The Cryptocurrency automated teller machines (ATMs) have gained a lot of popularity and are in use over the last couple of years. As the statistics reveals, there are now over 4,400 digital currency dispensing machines all over the world located in 77 countries with the new models under development. Though the Crypto ATMs are a kickass idea yet, as an entrepreneur it is not an easy job but requires requisite funding for the device(s) along with the ability to maintain the ATMs. Apart from this, the law needs to be considered from where the entrepreneur belongs as law plays a major role in this. Below are the top five Crypto ATM providers that you must consider:

  • Lamassu: It is an Israel based company that has been well known as the Cryptocurrency ATM manufacturer for years. It was the first to create a two way ATM allowing people to not only purchase Cryptocurrencies such as the Bitcoin but sell the digital assets as well. It manufactures four different models as of now viz., Douro II ($5,897), Sintra Forte Cryptomat ($10,094), Sintra two way ($8, 506) and the recently launched Gaia ($4,083).
  • General Bytes: It is raging the market of Crypto ATMs since 2014 and sells ATM machines in two varieties: Classic ($3,249) and Large ($3,999).
  • Genesis Coin: Another most popular machine used by broad range of Crypto ATM providers and sells ATMs in two models viz., Genesis 1 Two way machine ($14,500) and smaller Satoshi 1 model ($6,800).
  • Bitaccess: It is a Canadian Block-chain company manufacturing Crypto ATMs as well and sells two types of models: Btm C ($6,000) and Btm SE ($8,000).
  • Sumo ATM / BitxATM: It is a very popular machine provider that sells Crypto ATMs in two variants, SUMO ATM4S ($6,691) and White Label ($ 55,575).


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