Facebook and WhatsApp Outage: Whopping Three Million New Users Get Connected To Telegram Meanwhile


On 13th of March 2019, the renowned social networking sites Facebook and WhatsApp has undergone a widespread outage with users from around the world reporting the issues with sending messages on WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger while posting feeds on the Facebook and accessing the other features on the three platforms owned by Facebook. In this outage, the one who has been benefitted the most is Telegram. The founder of the popular secure messaging platform Telegram, Pavel Durov claims to have had a surge in the registration to 3 million in just 24 hours during the downtime of the rival messaging services. He also stated that they have a true privacy and unlimited space for everyone.

Telegram is an outstanding alternative to Messenger of Facebook and WhatsApp services that offers the user with an optional end-to-end encrypted messaging feature so that no one including Telegram can have access to them. The end-to-end encryption support was adopted way back in the year 2013 even before Facebook and WhatsApp have adopted the support. Along with this,the messaging application has included two more unique features such as:

  • Create Polls: The built in polling feature has been offered by Telegram for large communities permitting them to co-ordinate their activities and discuss the complex issues in an effective way.
  • Multiple Account Support: Now with the Telegram app, users will be able to add up to 3 Telegram accounts and seamlessly access all of them by switching the accounts without the need of logging out.

Earlier, Telegram was under restrictions and faced bans in countries like Russia and Iran when the owner refused to comply with the government requests for encryption keys and information on its users. In a tweet, the owner stated that in over 5 years, the messaging platform has disclosed zero bytes of private data to the third-parties that includes the government.



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