$2 Million Counterfeit Currency Operation in Uganda Leads U.S. Citizen Plead Guilty


A national of the United States who is also the son-in-law of an ex-African dictator, was found guilty for his role and involvement in an international counterfeit currency operation that has been headquartered in the Republic of Uganda. The sentencing has been scheduled for the summer of 2019 while the American is at present facing 45 years of imprisonment or a fine of $1 million or both. The accused has been identified as the 31 year old Ryan Andrew Gustafson who has used several aliases like the Jack Farrel and WillyCock. The initial counterfeit operation of the currency began in Uganda where the accused manufactured and distributed false Federal Reserve notes. The defendant even created a fake website on the dark web and named Community-X that he used to use for the purpose of advertising and selling of the counterfeit currency.

By the December 2013, the forges counterfeit currencies had hit the Americans where they became distributed around the area of the Pittsburgh. Soon enough, the counterfeit currencies spread to other cities around the country. There have been evidences that many businesses and retail stores have even traded the counterfeit currency without knowing. There were other participants apart from Gustafson who equally took part in the manufacturing and distribution process. The manufacturers of the counterfeit currency produced counterfeit bills of denomination $20, $50 and $100. The delivery of the counterfeit currencies was done packaging them in camouflaged pamphlets that carries a message “Give a Child Hope Today”. Against this message that is strong enough to influence people are the packages that contained the counterfeit bills that were shipped to the addresses of the individuals who ordered them. The accomplices of the operation communicated with the buyers through the Community-X forum. In a total, nearly $2 million of the counterfeit notes were seized


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